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We all have vices, those things we struggle against. I have often taken mine so seriously, (perhaps too seriously) giving them power over myself instead of the appropriate amount of consideration they were worthy of.

I only thought about Phillip being gay. And his gay friends. And his gay cat, his gay refrigerator, his gay love seat. I expected spandex. I expected piercings, midriffs, combat boots and daisy dukes. What’s worse, I was stuck wondering if this disease was his own fault.

There are so many out there in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogosphere land that haven’t been told something […]

Never commiserate on speakerphone because if you can use your hands, you’ll end up yelling…it’s just too dang easy.

Faith is timeless. It is not locked into this moment we call the present. It reaches out for us – backward or forward. It goes where it needs to go. It hears our old prayers and the ones we’ve not yet prayed, nodding its head “Yes” the very moment we are ready to receive it.

Maybe you can make a little change. Do something rather than nothing. You can certainly decide to save yourself the trouble of starting a new diet, workout routine, or promising to…

“Redemption will never burst through the door waving a flag of victory. Instead, we must look under every rug we have swept our pain and tragedy beneath. We must write our names in the dirt left behind on the floor of our lives. And when we find the courage to write them out…redemption will come to us, the quiet hush within our hearts.”

But why did I ask the atheists to pray? Why them? Because…IF God is out there, I imagine that his ears would tingle the instant they spoke out to the heavens…”

This is about my sister. This is FOR my sister. She has stage four metastatic breast cancer.

Side-Eye: One’s criticism, disapproval or scorn toward another person. A sidelong glance expressing contempt. Before we were born, […]

A good soul permeates the exterior and reveals itself…if only for the people that actually see us.