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We’ve been told that we are made in God’s image, yet we are light years apart. Sometimes I just wish he were more like me.

Maybe the moment you flip God the bird is the exact moment he looks into your eyes and says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

If we are to live with a greater measure of internal peace, settling for less than picture-perfect in our work, family, fitness, friends, and faith, may NOT be us giving up or giving in. It may simply be us accepting those things WE CANNOT CHANGE.

  My wife is a musician by trade. A singer. Last week she sang the National Anthem at […]

“I really need to rid myself of the pressure, pressure, pressure To be someone else that the world […]

Finding God in the Ruins (How God Redeems Pain) Can we talk about a few things? Because I’m […]

And now it’s up to us. We can hold our breath and let life happen to us, or we can rear our shoulders back and scream into the person we were always meant to be.

The fear I carried of people finding out their pastor was an alcoholic…well…let’s just say it kept me up at night.

She (the church) has been pathological at times, so I stand beside those who have abandoned her – who may feel she abandoned them first.