Has My Blog Been Wasting Your Time?…If So, Please Tell Me What I Can Do For You

When I started my blog, my intent was to be of service to YOU. I’ve had quite a wild ride in my life and have done a lot of work (and spent plenty of money) to recover from that wild ride.

One of my life mantra’s is this:

“Out of our wounds, from the core ache within us, comes our calling.” –Dan Allender.

I know many of you have also had…a wild ride, so I have no desire to make this blog all about me, except where my life journey could potentially reflect your own.

With that being said…

I’d like to hear from you.

What would be helpful for you? What can I write about that would be to your benefit as a reader?

I want to hear your questions…to listen…and then to remind you that you are not alone.

I will always strive to be articulate and take your questions or the subject matter you wish to hear about, seriously.

I recently had someone ask how much time I spent writing each blog article. The truth is, sometimes one blog has been toiled over for several weeks before ever seeing the light of day. I have tortured each word, replacing it within a sentence and then putting it back –and then often going back to it again to qualify it with just the right adjective, so that when you read it your heart will leap, break, or pause in quite reflection. Because the last thing I want to do is waste your time.

“I have anywhere between 10-20 hours in each article,” I told him. “Never less than that, but sometimes more if necessary.”

I don’t do this simply to write the most beautiful line, but to right the most offensive wrong. That will always be my goal, my purpose, and my calling.

And to me it’s always worth it – because I want to do everything I can to answer your questions, to be a guide on your journey, and give you someone to sit with along the way.

So would you do these 3 things?

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2. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter. Many of you are the very first ones to be a part of what I believe is something hopeful and helpful for those who have been broken by Life. We’re in it together…so spread the word.

3. Leave me a comment though FB, on this post, or in an email which you can find on my blog. In that comment, tell me what you’re struggling with, what questions you have, and how I can help.

I will take each one seriously and keep them confidential. I will pray over each one, research them if necessary, and then write about them in a way I anticipate will bring you and others like you…and me…hope.

I have much gratitude for those willing to take a good hard look at themselves and ask the question, “How can I get better?”

I will always do my best to help.

Thank you for being a part of this mission to call people out of their hiding places, to give them hope, and then to watch as they begin to carry their message to the broken…who have only needed for someone to show them how.

I need you.  They need you.  We need each other.


…let’s get this party started!

Grace and peace,


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