How To Sell Twenty Dollars (Part II)

Three months ago, I wrote THIS BLOG POST about my church, Northview Church of Carmel, Indiana, handing out $83,000 to its congregants.  Every adult in three services received an envelope with either $10, $20, or $50 in it and were told to ask God what they should do with it, and then do it.  That’s all.  No strings.

I got $20.  It was the only time in my life I wished for less money.  The pressure stressed me out.  I just knew I’d accidentally set it on fire or find it several years later in my vacuum cleaner.

Between my oldest daughter and myself, we decided to auction my $20 off on my blog to the highest bidder.  We closed the bidding after a week and the winner of my $20 (funny how benevolence can make a winner out of a loser) won with a bid of $1500.  I know…awesome.

The winner would receive a blog article of their choice, written by me, and the proceeds would go to the children at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

But all that has changed.  We’ve decided to use the funds to support my coffee habit, which is such a great cause.  No, I kid, I kid. We’ve decided to donate the $1500 to the Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation where you will find more info HERE, and a great televised news story HERE.

The Romine’s story is a powerful one, and they are on a mission.

“The mission of The Henley Romine BEElieve Foundation is to give local children in Indy and their families an unforgettable experience by sending them on a day trip somewhere around Indiana. It will BEE called “Buzzing around Indy”.

Our goal is to have the child come up with their perfect Indy getaway. Whether they want to go to a Colts game, see a concert, go to a Pacer game, go to the Zoo, or go on a shopping spree, we want to be able to provide for whatever their little heart desires. We will give them a camera to take lots of pictures. After they come back from their day trip we will take the camera and make a photo book of their day out on the town.”

Excellent.  You may feel the need or desire to join them and donate to this awesome cause.  You can, right HERE.

I’ve learned a lesson through this.  The man who bought my $20 is quite a risk taker…and I am not, especially with money, which is why the $20 initially stressed me out.  I would rather have thrown it in the trash or handed it to the person sitting behind me than have to answer the question, “What did you do with your cash?”  But the goal never was to succeed.  It was to be obedient.  To ask God, “What should I do?”…to do our best to hear his answer, and to show a little follow through.

Fifteen hundred dollars later, I’ve learned a lesson in obedience, taking a risk, goodwill, and how loss can be turned into love.

When I asked the winner what I should write about, he simply said, “I don’t know, just raise awareness for this cause.”  Sounds good to me.

Peace and love to you all… and HOPE for those who have sick children.  May we continue to look for them, support them, and one day, God willing, heal them.

It can happen. I BEElieve.

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