How To Sell Twenty Dollars

This is a contest of sorts.  And I fully realize it may backfire, but who knows what may come of it.  Stick with me to the end on this one.

This weekend our church, Northview Church of Carmel, Indiana, handed out $83,000 to its congregants.  Every adult that entered the building this weekend, received an envelope with increments between $10 and $50, and were simply told to ask God what they should do with it, and then do it.  That’s all.  No strings.  I liked it.  I got a twenty.  What to do….what to do?

“Be creative,” our pastor told us. Okay then, I will.

I thought about what I could do with the money.  I thought of everything from buying someone a book (that they could probably buy themselves) to going to Starbucks ten times in the next week and saying, “God bless you,” to the barista after getting my cup of joe.  The money is already burning a hole in my pocket, but not in a good way.  I didn’t like the responsibility of it.  And our pastor said, “Don’t just show up here next week and throw it back in the offering plate.”  Sigh…

My friend, Brian lives in Michigan and is one of the guys I call to process life.  This was worthy of a mini-conference, so I called him.  Our conversations are often inspiring.

“What should I do with the cash?” I asked him.

“Send it to me and I’ll play some slots and send the winnings back to you.”

“Ummm…how about something else.”

“You could hire a prostitute and share the gospel with her.”

“Thanks man.  I gotta go.  You’re a real do-gooder.”


A prostitute?  But then I heard the words of my pastor in my mind.  “Be creative.”  Yes.  I needed to look at this from another angle.  Brian got me thinking about things in a less typical way, and in the end, the phone call was exactly what I needed.  I actually had an idea.  Thanks, Brian.

I’m fully aware that this may be a bust, but you never know.  So here goes.

I’m selling the twenty dollars.  It’s a silent auction.  And YOU could win my twenty bucks, plus a bonus.  Here’s the deal.

Whoever has the highest bid on my twenty dollars wins a BLOG ARTICLE of your choice.  (Writing it in all caps will hopefully make you think this is a really big deal.)

Here’s the rest of the scoop!

Let’s Meet Up: If you are in the Indy area, and win, let’s meet for coffee and go over the details of the blog article.  If you don’t, we’ll have a phone conversation to talk things out.

The Skinny on the Blog: Listen, I LOVE to write…so this part I’m actually looking forward to.  This blog article can be about whatever you want it to be about.  You could utilize it to tell your story (we’ll have a convo and I’ll write it up as meaningful and beautifully as I know how.)  You could ask me to speak about ancient Hindu cuneiform.  You could ask me to write about a subject that has been on your mind, that you love, hate, are frustrated by, don’t understand, want another person’s view on, etc, and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.  No subject is off-limits.

Where the Proceeds Will Go: This part is a collaboration with my daughter, Chloe.  Chloe has a big heart and has worked with children with special needs for several years now.  She has desire to make things better in this world and seriously inspires me.  That being said, she received $10 at the give-away and was planning to buy fabric and supplies to make headbands and hats for the children at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.  Check them out HERE.  They are awesome!  Chloe has been taking sewing lessons over the last year and is excited about using her sewing machine to brighten the day for kids in need!

How to Bid: Message me privately on Facebook and set your bid.  If you are not my friend on Facebook and would like to participate, simply email me at: with “Bidding Contest” written in the subject line.  You must bid more than twenty dollars, or else it will be a deficit, because when you buy the twenty bucks, it yours, along with the blog article.  Please note, if you don’t get a reply from me within 48 hours, I didn’t get your bid. At the end of each day I will send out an update of the highest bid via fb, and post that update in the comment section of this blog article.

The Results: The contest ends this Friday, January 17th, at 8am sharp.  I will reveal the winner of the contest on Monday morning, January 20th.  If you don’t win, obviously, you don’t pay.

Once the results are in, you and I (whoever wins) will find a time to meet (if you’re from Indy) or chat on the phone (if you’re from Bangladesh) and figure out the details of the blog article.  And when the blog posts, we’ll make sure people know about how it came about. (Plus I’ll throw a handful of virtual confetti.)  Any request to remain anonymous will be honored.  Also, you will be updated on Chloe’s efforts at Riley Hospital for Children once the proceeds are put to good use.

I hope this effort is a success.  Be thinking about what you’d love to have written up, and assured that if you don’t have ideas, we can figure it out together.  (*If you’ve not read from my blog site before, do some perusing to get a better idea of what I’m about…it may inspire an idea.)  That is all, my friends.


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