This is a different kind of entry.  Because I’m a little tired of everything having to be perfect, I’ve decided this morning to write and not edit.  I will hit spell check at the end…but then it will be title, cut, paste and post.  I promise.  So I have no idea what will be below but with an ADD mind like mine, you will probably either be like, “Yep – Amen…totes…I GOT it.”  Or you’ll be like, “Poor, poor Heather.  This man would make me want to throw myself off a bridge.”  I may begin creating something on my blog called, “Unedited Mondays.”

I bought a pair of socks for a video shoot recently…which all sounds odd, but I needed socks that made me look like a gangsta…for THIS.  In the end I realized the socks were unnecessary but I still have them.  And they are quite possibly the coziest gangsta socks I have ever had.

My feet are always cold and always have been.  Sometimes when Heather is being real nice she lets me put them on her legs at night because she is a heat machine.  If I crawl into bed five minutes after her, I can already feel the astro-burn coming from her side of the bed and my feet begin burrowing through the blankets to find momma’s legs.

In a couple of weeks I have a meeting with an individual regarding the possibility of said individual representing me as a writer.  I’m stoked.  I waffle from feelings of excitement and daydreams of getting a smoking jacket to write in, to feelings of fear that she’ll find out I’m actually not a good writer, to deeper feelings of calling that God has been at work in the wreckage of my past, and that I may actually see with my own two eyes that he really does work all things for the good.  Not simply my good, but using my life to help others.  I feel it.  And if he thinks I’m ready, I’m in.

So…your prayers?  Yes, please.  Your good thoughts and hope?  Absolutely.  I need ‘em.

I think just for fun, I’ll see if I can’t make the very first word of the book be “meatloaf.”  Because who doesn’t love meatloaf?  Once they read that word they’ll be hypnotized into thinking something good is happening.

Meatloaf sandwiches are perhaps the greatest thing to ever happen to the sandwich, and possibly the best thing to happen to meatloafs too…or it is meatloaves?

So, where was I?  Oh yes, cold feet, gangsta socks and meatloaves.  The truth is, only one of these three things is bad.  I’ve known a few people who pretty much think every day is a bad day.  And maybe it is for them…like maybe something real bad is going on and things are just unbearable.  But other times I’ve seen people pretend things are really awful when maybe just one thing is.  Like their feet are cold, which sucks, but they have cozy gangsta socks at Wal-Mart and they are lucky they can afford to go get a pair or two.  Or they open up the refrigerator and complain there’s nothing to eat – but if they’d only seize the opportunity to put yesterday’s meatloaf to good use, they have themselves a belly so full of meatloaf sandwich that they just might slip into a food coma for a half hour or so and have that recurring dream, but only this time, they’d actually get away from the monster chasing them, graduate high school, not get their teeth knocked out, or find out that their spouse isn’t cheating after all.

The truth is, there are good things all around us…and bad too….and good.  I would never tell someone who’s been through, like really been through it, to just look on the bright-side.  But there are other times that we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and we seem determined to either go through our day miserable and take anyone along with us we can, or to just…exist – same ole this, same ole that.

I’m telling you, those gangsta socks…you HAVE TO GO GET A PAIR IF YOU HAVE COLD FEET SIMPLEX B.  And if you’re hungry, figure out something cool to make.  And if you’re not that person that can turn a bad mood around, let someone help you…for me, that’s my daughter, Chloe.  The child is capable of all sorts of mood shifting in me.  This morning it was watching her in my rearview mirror tell two boys that DID NOT CARE how her friend photo bombed a picture.  Or coming down at five in the morning and seeing her noshing on a leftover bowl of potato soup with bacon bits and chives.

I recently heard someone say, “I am terrible at trusting God, so I have to rely on people who are really good at it.”  I like it.

So, there you go.  Be on your way and find a way make the rest of the day great!

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