Finding God In The Ruins is a non-profit ministry in the greater Indianapolis area. We exist to provide: spiritual guidance, public speaking for events,  and writing (books and essays) through the lens of recovery principles.

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People have said, “I could never do what you’re doing.” What they are usually referring to is allowing their story to drive their life’s purpose. I will always challenge this notion, but in the meantime am doing the work of calling people out of their hiding places in a way others may not presently be able to.


Finding God in the Ruins is a non-profit ministry in the greater Indianapolis area. We exist to provide:

  1. Spiritual Guidance. I will be interfacing interpersonally with broken people (of which I am one) and providing spiritual guidance to them in the form of one-on-one meetings.
  2. Writing. My book Finding God in the Ruins (How God Redeems Pain) will be coming out nationally in March of 2016. I will be promoting and speaking about the idea of how God redeems our pain whenever and wherever I can. For updates, check the event schedule on my “Speaking” page. I will continue to write relevant blog articles at through the lens of recovery and healing, and will be looking for other writing venues to get the word out.
  3. Speaking. Telling my story is a calling for me. I am available, so please let me know if your organization or church are interested in having me in for a weekend service, special event, weekend retreat or other.
  4. Pub Theology. Partnering with Pub Theology provides me with a local mission field to help people get well through the grace, truth and love of Jesus Christ. At post Pub events called “The Invitation” I’m able to relationally connect with those who are searching for meaning. And I’m right there with them – because I’m a seeker just like they are
  5. Weekend Retreats. We will be launching Finding God in the Ruins quarterly weekend retreats, beginning spring of 2016. These weekends will be an intensive spiritual time, geared for people to “go there” with God – to better understand their story, their pain, and to encounter God in the ruins of their lives.

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Peace and love,

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