Temperance (free original song download)


The word “temperance” once referred to drinking little or no alcohol.  These days people use the word temperance to describe the personal restraint of habits that die hard…habits that may eventually die us hard.  We’re no longer only about restraining ourselves from things that can kill us, but desire enough self-control to abstain or temper our cravings for the things that cause undo stress, ruminating thoughts, health issues, spirit issues…LIFE issues.

THIS SONG is about temperance.  It was written with my friend, Andrea, for a weekend service at my church on the subject of self-control.  It’s about the calm we all long for – the calm we pray for that can be so hard to find…that some never do.

I love a good story, and hopefully this song will be that for you.  It’s about a girl…yes, named Temperance.  (Okay, I just felt like Casey Kasem when I wrote that.)  Temperance was looking for the calm in all the wrong places.  It’s also about Will – a guy who just didn’t have it in him to survive the storms of life.  Here are the lyrics:



Temperance was a girl who couldn’t say no to him

She gave her love to boys who put on a show for her

They told her she’s beautiful

They told her they’d never let her go


The strength of Will, oh it was never enough for him

He lost it all, but losing wasn’t enough for him

He thinks broken never mends

He sits with his gun in hand

Pulls the trigger and finds out how it ends



I pray for the strength of Will

You are beautiful

Oh sweet Temperance

I pray for Temperance


Oh Temperance I’ve hear it said

Your strength of will is dead

But you are not alone

No we all do what we don’t want to do

We all do what we don’t want to do

Don’t want to do

Don’t want to…



I pray for the strength of Will

You are beautiful

Oh sweet Temperance

Oh sweet Temperance

I pray for my sweet Temperance


*Download “Temperance” for free HERE or www.noisetrade.com/mattbays/temperance

Thanks to Thom Daugherty for his sweet production, check out his music at www.agitproper.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/agitproper  Also, a big “thank you” to Andrea McCaffrey for her sweet song co-writing skills.


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