The Words of the Weak – Part 2

This is Grant and Lynsey Romine (and me).  Several weeks ago I interviewed them for a video story.  I spent a few hours listening to them courageously pour out their lives.  As they did, my heart got all twisted up with theirs.  I’ll never forget our time together and how God showed up in a powerful way.

I sat in their living room that day and realized that when we open our mouths and tell the painful truth of our stories, the weight of our words can push down the clouds and bring Heaven within just inches of Hell.  And Hell, wherever truth is spoken, can only become what it already is…




In my last article, The Words of the Weak – Part 1, (read HERE) I used the quote, “This is just to much reality for a Friday night,” from the movie As Good As it Gets.

Too much reality.

I talked about how we often struggle to accept real life when tragedy strikes, or addiction digs its claws into us, or we lose our marriage.  We don’t accept it because we don’t know how.

We don’t know how.

It’s okay.  Join the club.  Who does?

Life hands us a glass of venom and asks us to drink it, and before we know it, our stomachs are swollen and we can’t seem to manage the pain.

I’m a firm believer that if we don’t own it, it will wreck us from the inside out.  Period.  In fact, it either already has, or it’s just a matter of time.

I won’t waste your time here…just watch their story (below).  Pay particular attention to the lack of “pat answers” they give.  Watch closely as Lynsey speaks with authority while telling me, “It wasn’t fair!”  Let yourself imagine the painful journey of a man carrying his little princess down the stairs and laying her on a gurney – and then study his face as closely as I have, that is courageously splayed with tears.

Try not to look away when you see their brokenness…which is so beautifully on display.

And remember this– although we haven’t all faced the loss of a child, we have all lost something.  And that something has left a ghost wandering the halls within us, looking for someone with skin on to tell it what in the Worthless Hell happened.

What happened to us is often not a choice.  But the choice to recover, that’s on us.  I wish it weren’t sometimes…but oh, my friends…it most certainly is.

Here is Grant and Lynsey’s story.  I can’t thank either of them enough…for showing us how.

***This video was included in our weekend services at Northview Church last weekend.  Below is our pastor setting up Grant and Lynsey’s story.  Their daughter, Henley, LOVED bees.  They even started a foundation called The BEElieve Foundation to honor her life and to give children fighting for their lives an experience they will cherish forever.  What we found amusing was our pastor’s coincidental choice of attire that evening.  Henley would have definitely approved.

Steve Poe

**Song in the video is called, “Vice Verses” by Switchfoot


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